“People are paramount”. It is people who have existed as the essential ingredient in developing strong communities, cultures, and cities. These could be the local business men and women. The chef at a local restaurant. An artist. A religious leader. A fitness instructor or coach. It’s the people who are making a social impact for the good of those around them and their city at large. We see the results of their hard work, but too often their stories are overlooked. So why not find these key people who are changing, developing, and transforming the way we do life as a city here in Fort Wayne and tell their stories?

That is where the idea for tastemakers came in. We saw a gap between being excited about the buzz around this city and actually knowing about the individuals who are making changes happen. We wanted to fill the gap by giving an account of our local tastemakers. Tastemakers is designed to tell the stories of those in our local communities who are making things happen, who are shaping our future culture, who are creating a fresh sense of taste for future generations.

I hope Tastemakers will clearly, unbiasedly, and unapologetically tell the stories of those individuals in our community who are truly influencing our local culture for the future good of this city.