Partner With Us

Here at Tastemakers, we are on a mission to tell the stories of those making a difference in our city. We fully believe that their stories deserve to be told in a real and authentic way. This initiative is people first by nature. People are the essential ingredient in developing strong communities, cultures, and cities. We want to provide quality content upfront for the people of this city so that there might be a level of depth and authenticity in our stories. We are a 100% local team and we hope that Tastemakers will clearly, unbiasedly, and unapologetically tell the stories of those individuals in our community who are truly influencing our local culture for the future good of this city. So thank you for your interest in what we are doing, and we hope to be able to continue bringing quality content to your news feeds!

We love this city and want to partner with other people and business that feel the same! For those who align with our mission and are interested in being partners with us, please connect with us via email, social media DM, or by filling out the form below. We would love to work together to bring more stories and quality local content to this city. If you are looking for advertising opportunities, please feel free to reach out as well!