Jim is no stranger to the moving game. Growing up, he found himself in a new state nearly every five years. With such a short time spent in each home, he never really had the opportunity to connect on a deep level with a city, let alone its people.

Moving to Fort Wayne for college from his metro-DC town was a shock. With a one week turnaround between enrollment and the start of the semester, he had no idea where classes were let alone the campus. Over time the people of this city, in all of their patience towards his fast paced, city-slicker self, began to do a work. They taught him that it was ok to connect on a deep level and to live in the moment instead of rushing through life’s twist and turns. It was a difficult thing for him to understand at first, but would ultimately lead to his valuing of people over place. IMG_0050After finishing a degree in engineering, he had a choice to make: stay in Fort Wayne or leave and maintain his five year moving pattern. Recognizing the value of having met so many genuine, positive, impactful people during college he decided to stick around. It was scary to make a decision based on pure faith that staying would be rewarding.

Have there been ups and downs? Hardships Golden-139and fallouts? Yes, absolutely. But there has also been so much restitution, joy, and love that he has found here. Most importantly, he has realized that it is the people who make the city, not the city that makes the people. Jim’s passion for people, love for their stories and curiosity to understanding what makes them, ‘them’ had never been more clear. 

Tastemakers has been a project almost two years in the making. Jim has wanted to do something that would creatively highlight the stories of those who are influencing our culture for the betterment of the city. He wanted to give an account of their stories, because it is on the their shoulders that our local culture is being created and curated. He believes that their stories are benefiting the city at large for future generations. Ultimately, Jim hopes that the this initiative will be clear, authentic, and unapologetic in promoting the stories of those individuals who are what we like to call… a “Tastemaker”.