Maddie Shine,

I think it is safe to say that you are an inspiration to many! You really do inspire. Yet, while some might say it is only in fitness and nutrition… I would say it is much deeper than just social media observations. You inspire people in confidence, beauty, and dedication.

Confidence or self-esteem can be a struggle for many these days. In an age where everyone can open social media and see someone they (in their mind) aren’t as good as, you inspire people to be confident in who they are. A good sense of self-esteem doesn’t come from 1,000+ likes on an Instagram post, but rather it comes from loving what you do and doing it to the fullest every single day. You do just that! You changed careers when people thought you were crazy, and have been confident in that choice ever since. I think it’s safe to say, you made a great decision. I hope you can continue to inspire other people to be just as confident in their jobs, careers, interests and hobbies!

In beauty, you openly talk about how it is an outpouring of confidence and determination. More importantly, you said that it also has to do with being who you are. It is so easy to get caught up in looking at the lives around you, that you lose sight of the beauty that is right in front of you. With so many avenues to look at what others are doing, it is a good reminder to not compare yourself to others and to understand that your beauty isn’t based on someone else’s Instagram feed.

Finally in dedication: Having a family name in Fort Wayne can go along way, and many think it is always helpful. However, your dedication to a career shift is inspiring. While it would be easy to follow after what others might be telling you to do, you have stayed dedicated to your personal pursuits. And you have stayed dedicated for more than just a year or two! That is truly inspirational.

Again, thank you so much for our time together and it is my hope that you would continue to inspire, continue to love the people of Fort Wayne, and maybe even make the CrossFit games some day!





Written by Tastemakers

Love People. Work Hard.

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