Thank you! Your passion and authenticity are appreciated and valued. You are truly creating culture, more than just art culture, in this beloved city. We loved watching you do what you do, but also diving deeper and learning more about what makes you… you!

Passion – Your passion for the arts is astounding. As you said, you have a story and passion behind every brush stroke on your creations. However, I admire your equal passion for being a good husband, being a good father, and your passion for the good of the city at large. While it’s easy to see you’re passionate about the “laundry” you hang on walls, it is refreshing to see the passion behind the “laundry” that isn’t so tangible.

Authenticity – It could be your art, an old story, or a talk about shortcomings. Your level of authenticity with the Tastemakers team was admired. You let us into your home studio. You were honest about life, real about art, and displayed an authentic character in telling your story. I know it could be easy to humble-brag about your art or the way you carry yourself, but the fact that you were authentic about struggles as well as successes spoke volumes about your character.

You, sir, are a remarkable human being. Your art is beyond words, your personal character is admired, and your ability to make people feel comfortable with who they are while encouraging them to excel is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and chat about it all. You truly are a Tastemaker in this city, and I hope you wear that shirt proud.


Check out our behind the scenes photos here


Written by Tastemakers

Love People. Work Hard.

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