What’s up Fort Wayne!! A lot of questions have been asked about us in recent weeks. Most commonly we are asked, “so what is this Tastemakers thing?”

Well, we made a teaser video to give you a small glimpse into what we are doing. We want to tell the stories of our local movers, shakers, and culture makers from a personal perspective because we believe it’s the people that make a city great. Our plan is to highlight one “Tastemaker” every month and give an account as to how they are making the city a better place. We hope to provide in depth content in telling their stories, and obviously have a fun time doing so!

With all that said, thank you for being apart of this city. Thank you for being interested in the stories of our culture-makers. With out the people, this city would merely be another location on a map. But! Thanks to you, Fort Wayne is booming with all kinds of excitement as we create a better city for future generations!


P.S. – Our first interview is in post production and goes live very soon!

Written by Tastemakers

Love People. Work Hard.

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